Black Composite Decking Adds Sophistication to Your Outdoor Living Space 

If you’re looking for a new way to add sophistication to your outdoor living space, black composite decking is a great choice. Composite Prime’s black range offers a variety of options, from single-sided hollow boards to double-sided hollow boards. And because Composite Prime is a low-cost option, you’ll get the black finish that you’re looking for without spending a fortune. You can even install the boards yourself, which means you can save money while transforming your deck. 

Artem Black Wood Effect Composite Decking 

Artem Black Wood Effect Composite Decking combines durability and ease of maintenance in an environmentally friendly product. The capped wood plastic composite is made with a core and shield extruded together under a high-temperature mold. Because the core and shield are made of recycled materials, no toxic chemicals or adhesives are required. In addition, Artem Black Wood Effect Composite Decking has a low VOC rating, making it a perfect choice for green building. 

TimberTech’s Anthracite Composite Decking 

Grey composite decking is a popular choice because of its neutral tone and ability to complement most building materials and hard landscaping. All three colors of composite decking are double-sided, unlike woodgrain finishes. Instead, they feature a groove pattern on one side and a smooth surface on the other. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to wooden decking, grey composite decking is a great choice. 

A huge benefit of composite decking is its low maintenance. Compared to wood decking, composite decking requires virtually no maintenance. It can last for up to 15 years and is virtually maintenance-free once it’s installed. Composite decking is also lightweight, so you can install it as easily as you would wooden decking. Some designs feature grooves that hide fasteners. Other decking options are available with non-slip properties. 

TimberTech’s anthracite-grey composite decking comes in different profiles. Some boards are squared and others are grooved. The grooved boards have a hidden fixing system that hides screw holes. Anthracite-grey composite decking is a popular shade. There are many options available and different profiles will suit your specific requirements. You can even choose a composite deck board that resembles wood. 

NeoTimber’s Charcoal Black Composite Decking 

Charcoal black composite decking is a bold and sophisticated choice for any backyard. This cool, deep color is the perfect backdrop for a stylish outdoor living space. This composite decking can be easily enhanced with bold accent pieces. Consider using contrasting accessories, such as a mustard throw and brink pink rug. To add a more unique look to your deck, consider adding an exotic look to it with plants like palms or Acer trees. 

If you’re looking for low maintenance, durable alternative to traditional wood decking, look no further than NeoTimber composite decking. This family-owned and operated company is based in the United Kingdom and offers a range of decking colors, including antique black and charcoal black. NeoTimber was established in 2008 by two brothers in Leicestershire. The brothers who founded the company are still involved in the company. 

The company also offers reversible floorboards with wood grain or a grooved surface. Both sides of the boards offer anti-slip protection, but the grooved surface provides the greatest slip resistance. NeoTimber’s charcoal black composite decking comes in four different colors, including charcoal black. You can lay the boards however you wish, but they must be laid at the right angle to the foot traffic.