Transform Your Bedroom Into a Relaxing Retreat

Needing to escape can often feel like an urgent necessity; either from daily stressors or just feeling like your home needs an update. Instead of running off to distant mountains or beaches for relief, try turning your bedroom into an inviting retreat right at home!

Create a Reading Nook

An ideal reading nook provides the ideal place for you to get lost in your latest novel or audiobook, whether that means cracking open an ancient hardback or simply listening. And creating this cozy corner doesn’t need to be hard–even small closets or staggered areas of split levels can feel like your private retreat when enhanced with chairs, floor cushions and plenty of pillows!

For an ultra-comfy seated option, select an armchair equipped with plenty of pillows and a cozy blanket to keep you warm while reading. A daybed or lounge chair are also excellent options to create a cozy book nook space in a tight area. To add luxuriousness, dress your book nook up with drapery or sheer fabric curtains that let in light while providing privacy while giving off a relaxing vibe.

If you prefer the library-inspired aesthetic, organize books by color on shelves and scatter tchotchkes onto tables or mantels to create an inspiring scene. Next, add luxurious armchairs, modern floor lamps, and side tables for tea or snacks to complete your relaxing sanctuary. Don’t forget a fun sign on your door warning visitors not to stop by; that way they’re aware you may already be busy “booked up”.

Add a Chair or Loveseat

When we feel stressed out, the temptation is strong to run away to an idyllic mountain cabin or beach resort – yet creating our own personal sanctuary at home through some simple changes can work wonders too!

Make your bedroom an inviting haven by adding a comfortable chair or loveseat – these can be placed beside the bed, in a reading nook, or elsewhere around the room – giving you somewhere to rest your legs before sleeping! An extra seat provides you with space for reading before drifting off.

If your bedroom doesn’t offer much room, adding a lounge chair that doesn’t block anything or take up too much space is an effective way to fill empty spots in your bedroom, plus they often come equipped with comfortable cushions to sit on.

Consider placing the chair at an angle in your bedroom for an original touch that won’t blend in too seamlessly with its surroundings. This fun design feature won’t blend in, making a statement in itself and standing out among all of the standard bedroom design. Or opt for more glamorous vibes by using chaise lounge. Check out this beautiful oversized leather chair to add some luxury into your space.

Make Your Bed Comfortable

Experience blissful restful slumber every night in a bed made for royalty (or maybe five-star hotel!). There are several essential components you can add to your bedroom to make it incredibly comfy, like an adjustable mattress, plush sheets, and fluffy pillows.

Add depth and dimension to your bed by layering different types of pillows, blankets and throws for maximum comfort. Choose textures such as faux furs and knits for optimal relaxation.

Add an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort to your bed by adding scent. Light scented candles or install a reed diffuser to spread a relaxing and comforting aroma throughout the room.

Bring more coziness to your bedding with a luxurious duvet cover from Casper. Choose lightweight fabrics with breathability for optimal sleeping comfort, and add an extra cushioning with down or feather fill duvet inserts for the best experience.

Add a Soft Blanket

While vacation is certainly something to look forward to, creating an idyllic bedroom experience at home is just as achievable. By making specific, cost-effective changes you can transform your room into a tranquil haven where you can unwind every morning and night.

First step to creating a relaxing sanctuary space: declutter. Clutter can be a major source of anxiety and distraction; so getting rid of any clutter in your bedroom such as laundry, toys or any other random objects will help alleviate stress. Also make sure that you spend some time every day maintaining your decluttered bedroom to achieve the goals of a peaceful retreat.

Create a relaxing bedroom environment by selecting colors with soothing properties, such as coral, pastel pink and spa blue. Selecting neutral palette colors ensure that any purpose can be served while still creating an ambience of calmness in your bedroom.

Plush rugs add warmth and coziness to any room, available in various styles and sizes to meet any aesthetic preference. Cozy accents such as metal statues or soft throw blankets can add additional peace and serenity.

Add a Plant

Plants have become a mainstay in interior design, adding a vibrant pop of green and freshening up rooms naturally with their air-filtering abilities. Snake Plants, in particular, can filter air pollution like benzene (found in household cleaners and paint), helping alleviate health problems like itchy eyes or skin rashes as well as sinus and respiratory congestion, headaches, etc.

No window needed! Houseplants that thrive in low light conditions such as the Golden Pothos can add greenery to any bedroom. Hang it from the ceiling or place them on shelving units for creative plant placement ideas.

If your bedroom features a bookcase, styling it can be achieved by layering different plants and books to create an eclectic display. Doing this is a great way to add depth and texture while visually expanding storage space; even consider using plants as centerpieces by strategically placing them near stacks of books and trinkets for an eye-catching effect.

Add a Touch of Texture

As any JMT Trade interior designer can attest, texture is one of the cornerstones of successful room design. It adds warmth and dimension while simultaneously increasing visual interest; yet sometimes it can be tricky knowing how best to incorporate texture into a decor scheme without overshadowing everything else in a space.

There are numerous ways to incorporate textures without going overboard. One simple solution is selecting accent pieces such as pillows, throws, artwork or drapes with different textures from Houston designer Laura Umansky; these will often make changing up your decor easier as they fit with any color palette.

Another way to add texture is through selecting fabrics with differing textures. According to Umansky, using smooth, wovens, fur, nubby and shiny textures creates a more dynamic look – something which should be implemented on sofas and armchairs, curtains window treatments lampshades etc as well. Don’t be intimidated to switch up fabrics depending on season; velvet can easily transition to linen and cotton during summer.

Add texture to a room easily by displaying items with various finishes on tables or shelves. A grouping of matte and glossy ornaments or book spines on a bookshelf can make an eye-catching statement.

Add a Cozy Accent

Textured fabrics or accent pillows that encourage cuddling sessions are one of the best ways to bring warmth and personality into a bedroom, according to interior designer Genevieve Lapin. Wool, boucle and velvet textiles offer tactile textures for added warmth in this tactile element that adds warmth and personality.

A large gallery wall is another effective way to bring texture and interest into any room. By mixing up frames from various sources, a gallery wall adds visual interest as well as personal flair – try featuring one with quotes or drawings as part of its composition!

To add rustic yet modern charm, create an accent wall using shiplap wood paneling in your bedroom. While this type of paneling is usually found in older homes, it can also be used as faux wall covering. A bold wall color can highlight these panels and make a statement piece; alternatively, wallpaper with floral patterns add texture to walls while simultaneously giving off a welcoming vibe.