Things to Know Before Buying Mattress

If you’re considering a mattress purchase, it’s best to wait until the standard sales periods, which typically happen around holidays like Presidents Day and Black Friday. This way, you’ll be able to shop around and compare prices without having to deal with pushy salespeople.

However, online shopping comes with a couple detractors: you can’t try out the mattress and return fees may apply.


Choosing the right mattress is one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your home. You’ll spend up to eight hours sleeping on it each day, and the way your bed feels has a major impact on your overall comfort level. That makes it worth spending a bit more on a high-quality model that will give you good sleep and last for years to come.

The cost of a mattress can vary significantly depending on the materials used and craftsmanship. For example, hybrid mattresses with innerspring coils will likely cost more than all foam models. Beds that include specialty materials like latex also tend to be more expensive.

Another factor that influences the price of a mattress is its warranty. Whether it’s prorated or non-prorated will affect its associated costs, as well as any potential shipping fees that may be involved with repairs and replacements. It’s a good idea to find out all the details of any warranty that will come with your mattress before you buy it, as this can help you determine whether or not the investment is worthwhile.

When shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to compare prices. Many online companies have lower overhead costs than brick-and-mortar stores, which can save you money on your purchase. Some even offer free shipping and white glove in-home delivery to further cut your expenses.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the cost of any accessories you’ll need for your mattress, such as a frame or box springs. These can add up quickly, especially if you’re buying them separately from the mattress.

It’s also a good idea to shop during mattress sales to get the best possible deal on your new bed. Some of these events occur throughout the year, including President’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Black Friday. In addition, many mattress manufacturers run loyalty programs that can give you additional discounts on future purchases.


Buying a mattress is a significant investment, and it’s important to spend the time to find one that works for your sleep preferences and will last for years. It’s also a good idea to take into account other factors such as cost, convenience and any sleep problems you may have like back pain or waking up with an inflexible neck.

Fortunately, there are many options for purchasing mattresses. Besides traditional department stores and furniture stores, there are mattress specialty shops and even online retailers. Each has its own pros and cons. When shopping at a traditional store, you have the advantage of seeing and touching many different models in person and negotiating prices. However, this can be a very time consuming process and can make it difficult to compare options.

If you’re planning to buy a mattress in person, be sure to research the retailer’s return policy and warranty before making a purchase. While many retailers have generous trial periods and exchange policies, some do not allow returns or exchanges after a certain period of time. In addition, some manufacturers do not offer warranty coverage for their products, and this can be problematic in case of a problem.

Another important factor to consider is the mattress support system. A good mattress will keep your spine in natural alignment and help to relieve pressure on joints and muscles. It should also be able to absorb motion so that you can rest peacefully through the night.

The firmness of a mattress is determined by the materials used and the construction methods. The label on a mattress will usually indicate if it’s firm, medium-firm or soft, but the ratings can be subjective. For example, a medium mattress might feel soft to someone who weighs less than 150 pounds while Olympic gymnast Simone Biles would think that same mattress is firm.

If you’re looking for a new mattress but aren’t sure where to start, check out the manufacturer or retailer websites. These can include helpful tools, such as a mattress selector quiz, that will help you narrow down your choices and match you with the best mattresses for your comfort preferences and sleeping position.


When it comes to shopping for a mattress, many factors need to be considered. Some of these include cost, convenience and durability. Mattresses are a major investment, so it is important to find one that will last for years just like the emma zero gravity mattress. The best way to ensure that you purchase a durable mattress is to choose a brand with a long warranty and to read reviews from long-term users. However, deciding which type of mattress to buy can be difficult, as there are many different types on the market today.

There are several advantages to buying a mattress online, including convenience and price. Many mattress companies now sell their products directly to consumers, eliminating the need for middlemen. This model allows them to offer competitive prices while still providing a high-quality product. Additionally, most mattresses come with a sleep trial period, so customers can try the mattress in their own homes before making a decision.

Another advantage of purchasing a mattress online is that it is often delivered to your door in a box. This allows you to easily move the mattress into your home, without having to worry about lugging it down flights of stairs or navigating tight hallways. Once the mattress is in place, it usually takes a day or two for it to fully expand and reach its full size.

Durability is a key factor in any mattress purchase, but it can be hard to test for in a store or during an online trial period. The best way to determine if a mattress is durable is to look for certifications, such as CertiPUR-US. This certification ensures that the mattress is free from harmful chemicals and has been tested for durability.

It is also important to check the store’s return policy before buying a mattress, as this can save you from a headache later on. Although a mattress may feel comfortable in the store, sleeping on it at home for several hours each night can reveal that it is not as comfortable as you had hoped. Thankfully, most mattress stores now offer an any-reason return policy for at least 100 nights.


A mattress is an investment in your health and well-being, so it is worth paying a little more for one that will last. However, it’s important to remember that not all mattresses are created equal. Prices can vary drastically, and many factors influence the cost of a mattress, including material quality, design, and durability. It is also helpful to consider what features are most important to you.

In general, higher-quality mattresses will be more expensive than lower-quality ones, but it is possible to find an affordable mattress if you do some research. It is also a good idea to comparison shop between retailers and brands to see what’s available in your price range. Also, don’t forget to factor in shipping and delivery charges.

Most mattress companies offer a trial period and a warranty on their products, but the length of the warranty can vary. It is also important to understand what the warranty covers, including any exclusions and requirements. It’s best to purchase a mattress from the manufacturer directly, as they will usually have clearer terms on their website.

Another important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a mattress is that you may be asked to buy additional accessories, such as box springs or foundations, or a pillow top. These extras can add up and make the mattress much more expensive than it would be if you bought a basic model without them.

If you’re unsure what to look for in a mattress, it’s a good idea to ask the salesperson to help you out. They can provide you with more information about the mattress and its specifications, as well as offer tips on how to care for it.

It’s also a good idea to shop around during standard mattress sales. These occur at fairly predictable times throughout the year, such as Presidents Day, the Fourth of July, and Black Friday. In addition, some retailers also bundle mattresses with other essentials, such as sheets and pillows, which can be a great deal.