The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Perfect Manicure

Excluding a base coat from at-home polish applications is an often made mistake that reduces its longevity. A base coat serves as the foundation of nail lacquer and protects nails from staining, providing long lasting coverage.

Staying hydrated by applying moisturizer or cuticle oil (such as Olive & June’s Dry Drops ) daily to the cuticle area can keep cuticles soft and supple for painting, Kandalec advises. Also buff nails before painting for smooth surfaces before beginning this task, according to Kandalec.

Always Use a Base and Top Coat

Apply a base coat before painting with colored polish. Not only does this ensure an even surface for painting, but certain bases also contain essential nourishments like proteins and calcium that provide vitality to nails.

Choose a base coat that can fill in any ridges on your nails to make your polish appear more even, while there are also base coats designed to correct yellow or stained nails – giving them a healthy sheen and glow.

Choose a fast-drying top coat that will speed up the drying time and safeguard against chips, such as those caused by fingerprints. To prevent smudging, apply two thin coats and wait a few minutes between each application. Singleton suggests selecting one that contains nail hardeners for maximum longevity and resistance to chipping – available both locally at drugstores as well as online.

Always File Your Nails Often

Filing nails regularly is essential in maintaining their uniform length and shape, preventing your nails from breaking or becoming jagged. Filing also extends polish life by smoothing out ridges that may prevent color adhering properly to your nail bed.

Start off by pushing back your cuticles with cuticle nippers or a nail buffer, and file your nails to achieve your desired shape – being careful to only file one way; filing back and forth could cause breakage!

Next, use a nail buffering block to smooth out and eliminate rough spots on your nails. Finally, apply a base coat that will protect them from getting stained by polish and extend its longevity.

Always Keep Your Cuticles Moisturized

Dry nails can negatively impact the durability of a manicure, according to Stern. “Polish doesn’t stick well to dry nail beds, which may result in cracking and chipping,” according to him.

Keep your nails looking their best by using moisturizer or cuticle oil daily, looking for one with vitamins and emollients to sooth dry cuticles and keep them hydrated.

At the same time, it’s also essential to avoid over-washing your nails as this can lead to dry and brittle ones. Always wear gloves when washing dishes or handling harsh chemicals; and make sure your manicure takes at least 30 minutes so it has time to cure properly and avoid sloppy sheet marks. Furthermore, always apply a base coat protector in order to safeguard natural nails against staining.

Always Trim Your Nails to the Right Length

Finding a length that makes your manicure look great while remaining healthy can be challenging, yet essential. Longer nails may grow out of control and cause ingrown nails that damage or break skin beneath them; on the other hand, short nails may chip easily or experience difficulty growing out correctly. If you want to know the best nail sticker brands, I suggest that you check out the link highlighted!

To avoid this problem, it’s best to trim and shape nails to an even, natural-looking length, then file from corner to center using a nail file. Be wary of over buffing as this can cause them to become brittle and flaky over time.

When painting your nails, be sure to use both a base coat and top coat, while avoiding heat or water until your polish has completely set (this may take up to 12 hours!). This will extend its longevity while helping avoid smudging.

Always Apply a Base Coat

Base coats provide an essential surface for nail polish to adhere to, preventing it from seeping in between nails and cuticles and leading to streaking, smudges and uneven coloring. Without one, manicures could result in streaked, uneven color application causing unsightly results that require multiple coats for proper coverage.

An effective base coat not only safeguards your nails, but can also strengthen, nourish or repair them depending on its formula. According to celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann, looking for one containing kukui nut oil to strengthen them as well as biotin, calcium and vitamin B to prevent peeling is highly recommended.

Once you’ve applied a base coat, only apply two thin coats of polish for an authentic appearance. Excessive swipes may lead to streaky colors and chipping; aim for three or four swipes maximum and cap the free edge of each nail for best results.

Always File Your Nails in One Direction

Filing your nails regularly can help them remain healthy; however, excessive filing may cause them to break and weaken over time. Furthermore, filing in the wrong direction may result in polish smudges or chips.

One common nail mistake people make when filing their nails is sawing back and forth as they file them, which can weaken and damage them while making shaping more challenging. Instead, it’s best to slowly file from one corner toward the center using short strokes.

Allie Baker, global brand ambassador of EzFlow, suggests using curved files for working around the cuticle area and straight edge files for shaping tips. An electric nail file provides more precision. However, never cut, force or tear your cuticle!

Always Apply a Moisturizer or Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is an effective way to keep both your nails and cuticles healthy, helping soften and hydrate them, prevent hangnails and strengthen them to look healthier overall.

When applying cuticle oil, it is crucial that your cuticles are gently pushed back using a manicure stick in order to avoid damaging the nail matrix and infection. Also important is not cutting your cuticles since this may cause them to grow back thicker and faster.

Use a cuticle oil that is gentle and safe for both your nails and skin. A variety of quality cuticle oils can be found at beauty supply stores; an ideal cuticle oil should be fast-absorbing while free from fragrances and dyes that could potentially irritate skin around nails.